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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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lookg at the borders on a case by case basis to understanding the mixed use and a half of the area so thank you. >> thank you. >> so new dbi? >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is patrick i'm the chief building inspector at dbi here to talk about our policies and procedures. >> construction work at night is covered under san francisco muni code allowable working hours we know are from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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it's important to talk about the 5 decimals over ambiance what is essential means is that those projects can navigate work that is within this 5 decimals above ambiance that's the normal background noise that's during the day it includes drywall work maybe painting, finish electrical plumbing work those are categories which will fall into the 5 d b ambient, however, as supervisor kim pointed out we have all those new projects that are recently come on line winning within the rincon point and they're not at the time at
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the point to finish plumbing or painting we're face with a challenge and i think the word used was balance it's about balance we to the dbi definitely understand the impact on the residents but we also have to understand if it is justifiable to approve one the permits code says if it's less objectionable for the nights work and structure considerations we've hit on a couple of points in regards to the street and sidewalk availability and, of course, i want to talk about the structural concerns so what is dbi's criteria for approving those night noise permits number one would be a concrete pour
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so a anyone litigate concrete is where the power needs to be instances without sdla and finished so this concrete setting up another any point is setting up this has to do with the structural integrity of a high-rise if we see the possibility of concrete trucks getting stuck from the traffic and the concrete starting to set up in the trucks we don't want that of they pour the concrete it may not come up. >> the process is fair enough is that the current process today or is that the process that's been changed in the process. >> that's not been changed that's an ongoing process where we allow alleged time for large
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monolithic coerces. >> okay. i heard or maybe got misinformation i heard that dbi recently made a change in terms of stopping issuance of night work permits in this area is if accurate. >> in the last week prior to this hearing i think we've had a meeting of the minds and considered the impact on residents and but we're striving to do again is balance and we're trying to get the parties together this is wonderful we're all here talking. >> was there a change or not. >> we've not issued a night permit since wednesday. >> so in the last 5 days so last wednesday was the last and not one since wednesday. >> at the time we're not issuing anything. >> i'll let our acting director
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talk about the policy aspect i'll speak to how we do our process and - we've not issued since. >> this process is before last wednesday. >> yes. i'm going to speak up to last wednesday. >> and someone else will speak past that. >> there's a clarification there is not a change this is the policy there's a temporary issuance not allowing the permit as we evaluate the counter criteria but not a new policy put into place. >> it is reasonable to suggest this is a reset to re-evaluate the process. >> whether it is the best decision in the world i'll say that i beg to differ a that's a policy change of it's not permanent if you're saying we
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have certain criteria i want to ask the director to speak it caught a lot of people by surprise maybe you're not the appropriate person to talk about this. >> i'll defer it. >> continue with the criteria that was suspended as of last wednesday. >> that doesn't mean that the permits are not going to be issued in the future but we're in a wes recess one of the other reasons for approving the night noise permits sometimes, the large loads are restricted for safety considerations i believe that mta has more or less spoken to that but what i would like to do adds we've deliveries such as 60 and 80 foot high beams delivered to projects that can't
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be delivered during the daytime hours. >> 0 if there's no night time permits issued how does that happen there's some work that can be done during the day and on that have crane erection issues to large monolithic concretes those are problematic to do during the day so as of last wednesday the department is not issuing did permits how so that work to be done. >> i don't have an answer supervisor but there is a need for permits. >> and obviously you'll called it a reset so we have to figure out the criteria 38 that's one
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thing but a suspension for a indetriment amount of time and work that cannot be done during the day that causes life safety impact on pedestrians that is a different story there's a reason whe why it is not being done. >> this is i'm not sure justifiable for the issuance of permits and it's not our offices understanding this is a long term prohibition we're trying to work through this as as quickly as possible but while our director is not here he want to make sure we can work through the processes. >> i agree that that comment supervisor kim i don't expect this was a long-term. >> how long. >> i'm going to defer to our acting director. >> we'll hear from the acting
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director then. >> one of the reasons there's a potential life safety impact of pedestrians the work needs to take place at night when the situations can be closed traffic and muni impacts are the other reasons for the xhauflz and factors we consider are exterior maenl panel that's the panel that goes on 7 exterior part of the building where the pedestrians maybe users the above area to cross and crane delivery raising and flooring and removal of portions of a crane is also something that is allowed to happen at night we very allow the permits for those reasons. >> can i ask a question so dpw
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said they have strict days so 5 days for emergency repair and thirty days for capital improvements when does this letter expected by the contractor. >> i'm coming up to that on the next slide and i apologize so and process for submittal and approval of those night noise permits this is a request by e-mail and happens 72 hours but my understanding is about 50 percent of our requests are from 7 to 14 days so at 3 days is an absolute minimum when we have the shortened period of outreach we reach out to the hoa managers we
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copy those on the e-mails that are sent out in regards to what is proposed and additionally, we see newsletters there are put out by the contractors and i think you're probably aware of some of that that happens particularly in the transbay area they put out newsletters regarding a two week a lot ahead regarding what can be expelled. >> the terminal folks do a great job when you say you expect on outreach letters to the neighborhood do you have the same kind of do you expect one hundred and 50 feet and lay that out to the contractor and dpw. >> with the construction it has to do with the destruction. >> but no requirement to the neighborhoods for the outreach.
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>> no based on the equipment what they expect the impact. >> what's the range. >> i would think if their pouring concrete and their you're dealing with concrete trucks and pumps there will be lighting for night work they're to be reaching out to or they need to reach out to one hundred and 50 foot radius. >> okay. thank you. >> the request in outreach that was provided needs to show y where and why and what work will occur with dates and times we need to see specifically ward to what they're doing and the need for times and days they're to be performing the proposed work outreach has ta to include
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reasons to help the neighbors understand why the work is necessari necessary this next slide shows a large residential building outlined in blue surrounded by 5 large ongoing projects which are outlined in red and those are those red outlined projects are those are projects we issue a night noise permits from time to time 5 projects have different developers in contractors dbi doesn't have the authority to control their schedules dbi encourages the best communication and outreach practices to the neighbors the department seriously
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considers the permits and look at the impacts this next slide is shows the numbers of night noise permits issued over a 3 mod july and august and september numbers are citywide and also include the numbers issued in the transbay and rincon point neighborhood as the september numbers sediment when the number of issues declined there were monthly fluctuations based on the schedule i think i'd like to mention with regards it that, too if you look at any of the night issuance numbers we all thinks there is an incredible amateur of work
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going on in the city right now there's probably thousands of jobs this is a small number of night noise permits. >> it looks like close to 50 percent in one neighborhood as opposed to the city and in 2001 we had an area of construction around the transbay and now all those larger projects that are going on in the same area. >> in terms of jobs you mentioned i've heard there are people laid off as a result of the departments decision not to issue any night permits do you know how many people s or does the department. >> not that i'm aware of. >> i've heard there's lafdz of
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non-senior construction workers as a meeting of the minds i mean, i'll ask the director about non-issuance. >> i think our intent so keep the projects moving forward i think it is important to understand we have to listen to the concerns of the surrounding residents. >> i agree one hundred percent and when you talk about hitting a reset bottom to make sure we have good practices and standards in place i'm one hundred supportive we need to do everything we can to minimize impacts those are real people with families and believe me i'm with you one hundred percent but i also think that dbi could have been doing this work if you want to have different or better standards or bring people together and how can we do there
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is all the mind in the world those promotions have been in construction for a long time and i'm not understanding why wasn't beginning doing that work why does it take a suspension with layoffs to do that they could have been doing it work 3 months ago or a year ago why did it take a suspension. >> we were doing that work and working with contractors we've been involved in meetings and brought contractors to our office and we've worked out scenarios where the bomb i back up alarm an osha requirement those back up left arms in many cases especially around the transbay promotions have been replaced by
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broadband left arms that have less impact when we bring those contractors to us down at dbi we talk about the things to lessen the impact on the neighbors and take the generator find a way to stroud shroud this generator to lessen the impact we've been engaged with those issues especially in rewards to outreach. >> it's terrific i don't understand why it takes the suspension of night permits with workers being laid off in order to complete that process so whatever you're doing apparently doing more work why couldn't that work have been
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done all along i don't understand why it takes a blanket suspension. >> i think maybe those questions can be saved for the director i appreciate our questions but i have questions about the process. >> i'm happy if you want to defer those but your raifrgz different points and i think what i should say this is our process up to wednesday and in all livid bans the concerns of the neighbors and the needs of contractors in achieving the balance because at the end of the day this is all about in my opinion it's about achieving some kind of balance so the work can get done that needs to be
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done in the night time hours with as little disruption and to mitigate the impacts to the utmost. >> so our defending the policy so at this point, i'll ask the acting director. >> thank you chair weiner i want to talk about dbi they've talk about the process in terms of how the permits are issued i hear a lot that 3 days n is not enough time for residents particularly if there's loud ninth amendment construction noise some people leaf if this work is happening in advance how many days for the request letter can it be thirty days as beginning does it can it be 20 days what's the max number ever
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days to set the letters requested by. >> the answer to our question yes, we can request thirty days or 14 days or certainly more than 3 i think given the nature of the construction with the weather and windfall we have the 14 day noticing period and someone wants to pour concrete and they have their excavation read at&t's and the sky opens and the hole is full of water they may not be able to pour the concrete in the 14 days do we then renotice for another 14 days i'm trying to - and i've seen 3 days prior to that happening because right now you give 3 days we see the rain and may reissue another
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day; right? the weather is unpredictable but usually 3 or 5 days out we'll hear about the weather. >> i agree. >> it's one of the big source of complaints that i can do it by e-mail to dbi and the question of notifications to our residents having it clearly delineated and clear goal of some of them are less clear one hundred and 50 feet shy of having a level of consistency we hear from our residents i'm curious what form of notifications san francisco do you request the contractors and developers to submit a letter like dbi. >> well, there's different ways to do it. >> what do you require.
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>> a letter or e-mail to a building that's typically in the case of large buildings to a a a building manager or hoa getting back to the newsletter we expect to see evidence of newsletters he sent out when the companies do that. >> is there a reason we carton mandate what dbi did where they require a letter going out to all the residents for one hundred and 50 feet. >> we'll be open to the suggestion it probably creates a situation whereby we have to put a lot more resources but will be sepg of that. >> our residents have been asking for clear consistency among our projects and appreciate the process if dbi
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puts into place do very have a monitor of night life. >> we do have an emergency stand by inspector if our director agrees maybe we'll mandate that inspector. >> i think that would make a huge difference there are night time construction where our residents are not disrupted but every thing can't are consistent or perfect it will help a lot if dbi has a person to do the one
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site monitoring. >> we can definitely talk to our director in regards to that this is a good idea to see if there's doing something their supposed to be doing. >> thank you very much. >> okay. new dbi provides samplers requests and outreach to contractors and applicants so the sampler for request is for consistency and communication a sample is provided to applicants showing the necessary criteria the letter is on letterhead stating a specific need for a night time project and it has to have a list of equipment
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including the lighting that will be used lighting is an annoyance so we encourage contractors and this is another discussion we have with the contractors don't shine the light on the adjacent building where people are sleeping contradict it away next to the building and show it away that's another conversation that's ongoing more recently than before. >> the one i think dbi requires that dbi side it a 24/7 contract. >> okay. your getting it that. >> our outreach letter dbi provides a sample of the necessary outreach for consistency it needs to be
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distributed to all neighbors and the letter must state where and what and with when and given an adequate description of the justification and what can be expected what is expected is a big one because it's that matters a lot to people if they're going to be woke up in the middle of the night they need to know about it ahead. and the if the expectation is there their pouring concrete at least they'll know about it so cell phone contract for a supervisor that will be on site must be provided we call the number from time to time to make sure someone is on the other end explanation of dbi approval one
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explanation as to why a night time permit is provided by dbi explanation maybe an e-mail or a phone call explanation general explains the life safety structural be is pedestrian or muni or vehicular considerations for the reasons for approval noise permit approval a request will be denied if the request is not justified in the request letter night noise permits are denied based on inadequate evidence an applicant maybe asked to resubmit a request and outreach documents with justifiable or a
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information inspectors regularly visit the contractor and advise them of their good neighbor policy phone calls are made to the contract number on the outreach letter to satisfied that the project supervisor is available at least two of rincon point and selma have closed circuit tv and the building inspector has access to a website this is the last slide an example of a night noise permit it includes a specific order number it indicates location, the allowable work and date and times and equipment being used
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night noise permits are issued by e-mail as an attachment and their stored in hardcopy format and those permits are resent with suspected conditions of approval that concludes my presentation. >> thank you. >> okay. so now is the acting director. >> good afternoon, supervisors dan deputy director acting director temporary. >> (laughter). >> mr. huey is come back; right? >> the question you're asking her this is a temporary pause to review our policy considering the issuance of those night time